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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between a resin bound driveway and a resin bonded driveway?

    Resin Bound
    Resin bound is an eco-friendly, highly porous paving solution for ground surfacing. It is a choice of decorative aggregates mixed with specialist resins then hand trowelled to give a flat smooth surface suitable for driveways, paths and patios.

    Resin Bonded
    Resin bond is laid in a different manner to resin bound materials. It involves applying a layer of resin to the existing surface, which aggregates are then scattered in to the top of. This gives a non-porous surface, which has a coarser finish and leaves a certain amount of loose stone on the final surface.

    How long will a resin bound driveway last?

    A resin bound driveway is a strong and durable surface, that is resistant to weather conditions. Comparable products like Tarmac or Asphalt can soften in the summer heat and freeze in cold of winter, they will also be damaged by UV light. Resin is much more stable than these alternatives performing well year round in some of the UK’s worst weather. Our driveways come with a 10 year guarantee and can last to a good standard for 25+ years.

    Can I lay a resin driveway over my existing driveway?

    This depends on the type and condition of your existing driveway. However, it should be laid on an appropriate sub-base of either asphalt or concrete. 

    Do I need planning permission for a resin driveway?

    If you have an existing driveway then planning permission will not be required. For any newly installed driveways or extensions planning permission is required for surfaces such as traditional block paving, flags and tarmac. 

    How much does a resin bound driveway cost?

    It is difficult to estimate the total of how much the installation of resin driveways cost, due to each project being unique and individual to the client. However, at Ace Resin, we estimate that an average resin bound driveway will usually cost between £50-£100/per m² for our customers. 

    Do weeds grow through resin driveways?

    Resin Bound is weed resistant due to its tightly bound composition. Weeds cannot grow through the surface; however, it is possible for seedlings in the air to land onto it. Fortunately, it is unlikely they will be able to germinate due to the lack of water on the surface. This is because of the permeability benefit of resin bound allowing water to drain through the surface into the sub-base.

    Do resin driveways crack?

    Correctly installed resin bound driveways are long lasting and very durable. They have a level of flexibility which allows for a degree of movement; therefore, less likely to crack. However, if the correct depths of the sub-base build-ups aren’t followed, the wrong ratio of aggregate is used or if the resin is laid too thin, cracks could occur. 

    Are there any problems with resin driveways?

    It is very important to choose a reputable, professional and experienced Resin Bound installer to avoid common problems that can occur. These problems include:

    • Unexpected rain as resin and water to do not agree with each other
    • Resin curing too quickly, not allowing adequate laying time
    • Running out of materials which could result in the finish being compromised
    • Complete driveways should be clearly cordoned off with warning tape to avoid pedestrians or animal stepping in it
    • It is important that all mixes are consistent and even to avoid patchy or uneven areas
    Is resin dearer than tarmac?

    Resin Bound costs are similar to Tarmac. However, resin is much longer lasting and works out more economical as Tarmac surfaces are likely to need repairing and replacing sooner than Resin Bound. 

    Can you jack a car on a resin driveway?

    We wouldn’t recommend using a car jack on a resin bound surface due to varying pressure points depending on the jack used.

    Can you pressure wash a resin driveway?

    Yes you can pressure wash your resin bound driveway. However, please ensure care is taken not to damage the area and ensure the level of pressure is reduced.

    What are the pros and cons of resin driveways?

    There are many pros and cons to having a resin bound driveway installed, we have listed some of the key benefits below;

    • Long Lasting - Correcting installed Resin Bound driveways should last 10-20 years.
    • Durable - Resin Bound driveways can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic.
    • No Planning Permission Required
    • SUDs compliant - Resin Bound is fully SUDs compliant because of its porous nature. This means surface water drains through the surface rather than running off onto pavements and roadways. This is a legal requirement for all new build developments.
    • Low Maintenance - Due to Resin Bound’s weed resistant nature, it is incredibly low maintenance. We would recommend using a pressure washer every 3 months on a low setting to clean off any excess dirt. We offer a Resin Surface Cleaner to aid with the cleaning process.
    • Aesthetically Pleasing - There are a large variety of colours to choose from and designs & patterns can be incorporated to create a unique driveway to you.
    • Quick to Install - Resin Bound driveways can often be laid over your existing surface which means it can be completed in 1 day. If your driveway needs to be fully excavated and a new permeable sub-base system created, your driveway can be completed in 1 week.
    • Add Value - Studies have shown that improving your outdoor space with Resin Bound can increase the value of your property by 20%.

    Read more about the pros and cons of resin driveways.

    Can I lay my own resin driveway?

    We would recommend using a professional Resin Bound installer to lay your own resin bound driveway. If you would like to lay a smaller area such as a patio yourself, we offer DIY resin bound kits  They are easy to use and come with step-by-step instructions. Please scan the QR code to view our “how to video”.

    Is a resin driveway better than block paving?

    Resin Bound has various benefits when compared to block paving. Firstly, it is weed resistant due to its bound composition, meaning it is a lower maintenance option. Another benefit is the vast aggregate colour choice, we can also make bespoke blends to your taste. In addition, Resin Bound is a fully permeable surface, allowing water to drain through  and benefiting from Suds compliance. Whereas, block paving isn’t porous, leaving it susceptible to flash flooding and puddles. Adding crushed class to your Resin Bound driveway enhances its slip resistant feature, another benefit compared to block paving. UV stable resin ensures your driveway will maintain it’s bright finish and not fade over time, which can happen with block paving.

    Read more on resin vs block paving

    Can you lay a resin driveway on top of concrete?

    Depending on the condition of the exiting concrete surface, there may be an option to lay Resin Bound straight onto it. This will be subject to a full site inspection and survey.

    How thick is a resin bonded driveway?

    Resin Bound is laid at 15mm for pedestrian areas and 18-20mm for vehicle traffic. Resin Bonded is a different type of resin surface that isn’t permeable. This surface has a depth the size of the largest aggregate used - usually 3-6mm.

    Why are resin driveways expensive?

    Resin Bound driveways vary in cost depending on area size and work required. They are a more economical option due to their longevity and durability. They are also lower maintenance than cheaper alternatives such as block paving or crazy paving.

    How do I permanently get rid of weeds in my driveway?

    Weeds cannot grow through your resin bound driveway, creating a very low maintenance surface. If seedlings in the air drop onto your driveway you can lightly pressure wash it once every few months. This also helps to remove any moss that can build up.

    Should I get a resin driveway?

    Resin Bound driveways are a fantastic option to improve your outdoor space. Studies have shown that it can increase the value of your property by as much as 20%. Furthermore, they are long lasting, low maintenance and have removed the need for drainage systems as they are a fully permeable surface. Arguably, resin bound is the most aesthetically pleasing option for a driveway surface. There are a vast number of natural aggregates to choose from and designs can be incorporated to make your driveway stand out.

    Why do resin driveways crack?

    Resin Bound driveways are long lasting and durable when installed correctly. Cracks can occur if it is installed poorly by using incorrect rations of aggregate or laying the resin at incorrect depths for its traffic. Furthermore, movement in the sub-base can cause the resin bound to crack as well as expansion joints if the base is concrete. Fortunately, cracks can often be repaired and fixed.

    Can you lay a resin driveway on top of Tarmac?

    Yes you can lay Resin Bound onto a Tarmac surface. In fact, it is part of our recommended build ups for a fully permeable sub-base system. If your existing Tarmac driveway is in good condition, subject to a site survey, Resin Bound can be laid straight onto it.

    Can you put a skip on a resin driveway?

    A correctly installed Resin Bound driveway can withstand the weight of a skip, assuming it has been laid at the correct depths for vehicle traffic. Care will need to be taken to ensure the skip doesn’t scratch or damage the surface when it is delivered and removed.

    Resin Driveways

    Ace Resin specialise in transforming your driveway with our low-maintenance resin bound surfacing. Resin Driveways are an excellent, economical-alternative to tarmac, block paving, or concrete. It is created by binding ‘natural aggregates’ with a polyurethane resin, in many cases it can be laid directly over existing surfaces and is available in a wide range of colours.

    Resin Pathways

    Take advantage of our cost-effective resin surfaces for all types of residential and commercial pathways. Resin bound is a flooring system which is made up of natural or aggregate rubber and resin. This type of material is ideal for a range of footpaths, driveways, commercial areas and pathways.

    Commercial Surfacing

    We provide commercial surfacing solutions for schools, car parks, housing developments and more. We have undertaken numerous commercial projects across the UK including Westfields Shopping Centre, Haven Holiday Parks and more.

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