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Resin Bound Commercial Surfacing

Resin Bound Surfacing is an excellent, economical-alternative to tarmac, block paving, or concrete. It is created by binding ‘natural aggregates’ with a polyurethane resin, in many cases it can be laid directly over existing surfaces and is available in a wide range of colours.

All our solutions are SUDS* compliant which negates the need for the installation of drainage systems when used with the correct sub base. Our expertise with installations ensures that unsightly joints are avoided and our attention to detail will provide the best possible solution.

It is suitable for most types of traffic and has proven to be a popular choice for commercial areas such as car parks, high streets, and shopping centres.


    The Importance of SUD’s

    Sustainable Urban Drainage System

    Demands that only porous materials are used for both new build projects and when asked to re-lay existing areas. Our Resin Bound materials are 100% compliant with SUD’s regulations, therefore making it stand out when searching for a new surface to be laid.

    Resin Surfacing Maintenance

    A resin bound surface is basically maintenance free. Once it is laid any spillages or stains you get on it can be easily removed with the use of a jet washer. However over the years your driveway may begin to look worn, this is not a problem as we offer a cleaning service that will be sure to give it a new lease of life. Be sure to contact us regarding Resin Bound Restoration.


    • Communal Areas
    • Car Parks
    • Foot Paths
    • Patio Areas
    • Play Grounds
    • Swimming Pool Surrounds
    • Pond Surrounds


    • SUD’s Compliant
    • UV Stable
    • Anti Slip
    • Low Maintenance
    • Wheelchair Friendly
    • Durable
    • Highly Decorative

    Tree Pit Resin


    Tree pit resin is a similar system to Resin Bound, it consists of larger aggregate ranging from 6-10mm. This system is laid at a depth of 50mm and can go directly onto compacted M.O.T type 1.

    The finished tree pit system is very porous and allows water to pass through easily.

    Safety Surfacing


    Safety Surfacing is a highly decorative and child friendly flooring system that complies entirely with BS EN 7188 and BS EN 1177. 

    Our Safety Surfacing products are made 100% from recycled materials, and is a very popular choice for schools, nurseries, and any play area.

    Sand & Cement Screeds


    Sand and cement screeds are used as an underlayment for other flooring products such as wooden floors and tiles etc.

    It can be laid to falls and to a large variety of depths. This is a cost effective solution to altering floor levels.

    Indoor Stone Carpet


    Stone Carpet is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrians / customers and for occasional use by light vehicles.

    It is used to create decorative and durable surfaces which are seamless and slightly flexible. The surfacing will withstand heavy footfall, light traffic etc.

    Epoxy Flooring


    Epoxy Flooring (SL) has become a popular solution where the need to make a visual impression is required, typically show rooms and high end properties.

    It provides a stunning durable finish that is available in any colour.

    Liquid Screeds


    Liquid Screeds can be used as a finished floor or as a sub base. It is a self-levelling system which is useful for raising or levelling existing floors. 

    Liquid Screed is a very strong system which is ready for foot traffic after 3 hours and vehicular traffic after 24 hours.

    Polymer Screeds


    Polymer Modified Screeds are designed where high strength and durability are critical. They are suitable for areas where heavy machinery and traffic are in use.

    It is a water resistant system created by blending a polymer admixture to a strong sand and cement screed.

    Epoxy Coatings


    Epoxy coatings are resin based paints that are applied to screeds and concrete floors to improve both appearance and performance.

    Our epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of colours, and have a wide variety of uses.

    Car Park Surfacing


    Car parks should be designed to accommodate hundreds or thousands of vehicles every day.

    Resin based flooring is designed to increase your return on investment, providing a durable solution without the need for frequent repair or refurbishment.

    Modern car parks must also adhere to strict health and safety regulations, providing explicit floor visuals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between a resin bound driveway and a resin bonded driveway?

    Resin Bound
    Resin bound is an eco-friendly, highly porous paving solution for ground surfacing. It is a choice of decorative aggregates mixed with specialist resins then hand trowelled to give a flat smooth surface suitable for driveways, paths and patios.

    Resin Bonded
    Resin bond is laid in a different manner to resin bound materials. It involves applying a layer of resin to the existing surface, which aggregates are then scattered in to the top of. This gives a non-porous surface, which has a coarser finish and leaves a certain amount of loose stone on the final surface.

    How long will a resin bound driveway last?

    A resin bound driveway is a strong and durable surface, that is resistant to weather conditions. Comparable products like Tarmac or Asphalt can soften in the summer heat and freeze in cold of winter, they will also be damaged by UV light. Resin is much more stable than these alternatives performing well year round in some of the UK’s worst weather. Our driveways come with a 10 year guarantee and can last to a good standard for 25+ years.

    Can I lay a resin driveway over my existing driveway?

    This depends on the type and condition of your existing driveway. However, it should be laid on an appropriate sub-base of either asphalt or concrete. 

    Do I need planning permission for a resin driveway?

    If you have an existing driveway then planning permission will not be required. For any newly installed driveways or extensions planning permission is required for surfaces such as traditional block paving, flags and tarmac. 

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