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At Ace Resin, we can supply a range of resin-bound surfacing including domestic and commercial patios and pathways.

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    What is a Resin Bound Pathway?

    Resin bound is a flooring system which is made up of natural or aggregate rubber and resin. This material is ideal for various surfaces including footpaths, driveways, commercial areas, patios and pathways.

    Resin surfacing for pathways has become more popular over recent years and can be seen all over a range of housing estates, and commercial areas. The smooth, durable and porous surfacing makes it a perfect option for upgrading an existing or installing a new patio.

    More information on the benefits of Resin Pathway Installations.


    Why Choose Ace Resin For Your Patio?

    Our resin pathways come in a variety of different styles and colours, enabling you the freedom to pick and choose the right design for you.

    Ace Resin’s patios and pathways provide the following benefits:

    1. SUD’s Compliant (Sustainable Urban Draining System)
    2. Anti-Slip
    3. Low-Maintenance
    4. Wheelchair Friendly
    5. Durable
    6. UV Stable
    7. Aesthetically Pleasing


    It’s not just pathways…

    Ace Resin also provide resin-bound surfacing for driveways, car parks, patio areas, playgrounds, and swimming pool surroundings.

    resin pathway

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    • Driveways
    • Car Parks
    • Foot Paths
    • Patio Areas
    • Play Grounds
    • Swimming Pool Surrounds
    • Pond Surrounds


    • SUD’s Compliant
    • UV Stable
    • Anti Slip
    • Low Maintenance
    • Wheelchair Friendly
    • Durable
    • Highly Decorative

    Resin Driveways

    Ace Resin specialise in transforming your driveway with our low-maintenance, long-lasting resin bound surfaces.

    Resin Pathways

    At Ace Resin, we provide cost-effective resin bound surfacing for all types of residential and commercial pathways.

    Commercial Surfacing

    We provide commercial surfacing solutions for schools, car parks, housing developments and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between a resin bound driveway and a resin bonded driveway?

    Resin Bound
    Resin bound is an eco-friendly, highly porous paving solution for ground surfacing. It is a choice of decorative aggregates mixed with specialist resins then hand trowelled to give a flat smooth surface suitable for driveways, paths and patios.

    Resin Bonded
    Resin bond is laid in a different manner to resin bound materials. It involves applying a layer of resin to the existing surface, which aggregates are then scattered in to the top of. This gives a non-porous surface, which has a coarser finish and leaves a certain amount of loose stone on the final surface.

    How long will a resin bound driveway last?

    A resin bound driveway is a strong and durable surface, that is resistant to weather conditions. Comparable products like Tarmac or Asphalt can soften in the summer heat and freeze in cold of winter, they will also be damaged by UV light. Resin is much more stable than these alternatives performing well year round in some of the UK’s worst weather. Our driveways come with a 10 year guarantee and can last to a good standard for 25+ years.

    Can I lay a resin driveway over my existing driveway?

    This depends on the type and condition of your existing driveway. However, it should be laid on an appropriate sub-base of either asphalt or concrete. 

    Do I need planning permission for a resin driveway?

    If you have an existing driveway then planning permission will not be required. For any newly installed driveways or extensions planning permission is required for surfaces such as traditional block paving, flags and tarmac. 

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